GREGORIO ECG WIT-301A Syringe Pump

Injection ModeNormal mode / Time Mode /Programming Mode/Weight mode /DrugLiabrary Mode.
Accuracy Error Rate±2% (mechanical precision ±1%),< 1ml/h ±5% .
Occlusion pre-alarmWhen monitoring the pressure on the high side, Occlusion pre-alarm.
AlarmNear empty of syringe,under-voltage battery, power interruption,wrong installation of push-handle clip,wrong installation of compressive bar, wrong installation of pushing bar,end of infusion,suspension time-out,pushing of empty syringe, abnormal power supply,system mistake, internal communication mistake, abnormal speed,occlusion pre-alarm syringe occlusion alarm, battery.
running-out,battery damage.
Lock KeyKey Locking to avoid carelessness the parameter.
Fast StartOvercome dose delay.

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